Musical Director

Andrew Rogers

About Andrew

Andrew Rogers was born in Trail to a musical family.  His Dad played the trumpet and piano and mom was a prime accordionist.  By the ripe age of 4 he was learning the piano and continued his studies through the Royal Conservatory of Music grade 8 piano.  As well, he joined the highschool choirs and jazz bands where he was lead Alto and/or Tenor saxophone.
Then came barbershop.
During jazz choir rehearsal, discussions with his friends around The Simpsons was common. On this day, the latest Simpsons episode featured Homer as a member of the B-Sharps, a barbershop quartet.  Of course, Andrew had three other friends… who sang different parts… The barbershop hooks were in. 
Fast forward to 2009.  Andrew was working for Elections BC and had a thought about “what was Barbershop up to these days?” And, thanks for several hours of Youtube later, googled “Victoria Barbershop Singing”. And found Allan Jacques, invited to a rehearsal, and the barbershop hooks sank deeper.
Singing is not the only hobby that Andrew enjoys.  He is an avid whiskey-ist (Shelter Point is his favourite distillery) and will talk at great length about mash bills, pot stills and barrel aging.  He is medically addicted to fishing and will take any opportunity to do so.  Salmon, bass, trout, really anything as long as there’s a line in the water, quite hum of a motor and the gentle rocking of the waves.     
He is very excited to take the arm-waving reigns from departing Peter.  He is beyond proud of the members and the level of dedication and desire to improve and very much believes South Island Harmony’s upward trajectory will continue.  Look out Div 1, here we come! 

His Fiancee, April, would like him to say that he’s getting married in September (they did).  I guess that’s pretty cool too?